Cryer & Stott: Quality Yorkshire Cheesemongers

Yorkshire Cheesemonger

Yorkshire family-run company Cryer & Stott Cheesemongers Ltd are passionate about making cheese and supporting other Yorkshire cheesemakers and producers.

We supply cheeses from a wide range of manufacturers, including Wensleydale, Ribblesdale and Shepherd's Purse. We also create our own cheeses, including Ruby Gold cheese, the World's only cheese made from our famous 'Rhubarb Triangle' rhubarb.

Click on the link for more information about the our locations and the opening hours of our cheese shops in Yorkshire.

Introducing our cheeses

Legacy Cheese Ruby Gold Cheese Rhuby Crumble Cheese

Legacy cheese, inspired by the five Olympic rings, which represent the five continents that are involved in the Olympic Games.

Rhuby Crumble, created for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, a rich, creamy Wensleydale with Yorkshire forced rhubarb and vanilla pod.

Ruby Gold, our award winning cheese - made with ewes milk, this was the first cheese made with Rhubarb Triangle rhubarb.

Supplying cheese and fine foods to restaurants and sports events

As a high quality cheesemonger and fine food manufacturer, we supply cheese, fine foods and bespoke products created by our 'in-house' butcher to some of the UK's leading restaurants, hotels, horse race meetings, and directors' boxes within leading football stadiums. Please phone 01977 511022 for details on how we can enhance hospitality at your event.

Introducing our urban food hall - Samual Valentine

Samuel Valentine

We have opened a fantastic urban food hall called Samuel Valentine.

Situated in an old pub in the village of Allerton Bywater, this project comes fresh on the tails of our three hugely successful cheese shops.

Samuel Valentine offers a café, butcher, deli counter, the quirky 'Mini Bar' a real Mini car filled with racks of wine, and let's not forget, the element that started it all in the first place, our wonderful cheese counter.

We have much more information about or new food hall, including opening hours and location of Samuel Valentine to assist your visit.

Yorkshire's award winning cheesemonger

History of Cryer & Stott

Bought as an exciting market unit in Wakefield in 1998 selling basic provisions, the business, run by directors Richard and Clare Holmes, has expanded to include three further retail outlets in Castleford, Pontefract and Allerton Bywater and a successful wholesale business.

Apart from accolades for their cheeses, Cryer & Stott have also received an award for business excellence from the regional food group for Yorkshire, Humber and the Eaton Smith business of the month award twice, as well as featuring in "The Independent" top 12 cheese shops. Richard Holmes was a judge at the "World Cheese Award" in Dublin in 2009.

For more information and enquiries please contact us by telephoning head office on 01977 510638 or emailing